Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What is CONSCIENCE.... that's an excellent question?

The term "conscience" is often used as in "he seems to have no Conscience", or something like that. And people use the term 'conscience" when referring to those whose actions are hurtful to others, and they seem to have no remorse regarding their actions.

A person like a sociopath is without Conscience, in other words.

It is likely you have never been exposed to those elements within Man that determine what we call "Conscience". The reason for this is that these elements are all Esoteric. That is, they take place within vibrational dimensions of Man that cannot be perceived by the brain or physical senses. I suspect you are also unaware that such vibrational dimensions [which your brain cannot perceive] compose 3/4ths of who and what you are? Imagine.... 3/4ths of yourself are unknown to you, even intellectually. Knowing this can be a bit disconcerting?

The reason for this "ignorance" [lack of understanding] is due to fields of study that one would imagine are responsible for telling us about these elements... not doing so because these fields are largely populated by individuals who tend to be "Intelack" individuals. Did you click on the term "Intelack"? If so, you now know more about Life than most people. And more about Life than most people care to know.

To make a long and complex story short.... the amount of "Conscience" a person possesses is relative to where, on the Ladder of Life, that person's Soul is perched? And if you do not believe in a Soul, or that there are Esoteric dimensions of Life which we cannot intellectually perceive, then drop this blog and continue in the bliss of ignorance.

On the other hand, if you realize that there are elements of Life that cannot be known by simply thinking.... then the following will amaze you. Each Soul that has committed to Life, is involved in the Purpose of Life... which is to explore and experience everything in the Creation so as to discover precisely who, what, and why one is? To enable we Souls to accomplish this, there are two basic and fundamental principles of Life: One is the Law of Karma, and the other is Reincarnation.

In other words, at the close of ones life, ones Soul finds itself in its Astral body, and going before a "judge". Your Soul and this judge evaluate the life you just completed as to how well you did working through the "Fate Karma" you designed for your just completed life. At the close of this evaluation, you then design a new Fate Karma for your next life. You are then escorted to a Heaven [if this is what you have earned] or a Hell, if you are in need of some re-education.

As some point, all the arrangements [coordination for your next life] are complete. At this point you are incarnated back into the physical plane, to parents who "owe you a birth" to continue your progress up the Ladder of Life. And at the time of your birth, your MIND creates a new personality and psychology for you that is "fitted" for your new life. This new you will only live this one time. This is perhaps where the mistaken notion that we only life once came from? The reality is that we live as many lifetimes as we desire to live.

A major purpose of Life is to "complete" Karma. Not just engage in Karma, but to actually "complete" a "bit" of Karma. Each bit thus completed becomes a part of what I refer to as ones store of CDKA&EU [Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding] or the Virtues of Life we Souls are slowly accumulating over many, many lifetimes. It is the lack of this accumulated CDKA&EU that causes people to mistakenly "think" that life is "unfair".

So, the person lacking in "Conscience" is a Soul that is new to the Ladder of Life, and to the form of human being. The MIND of such a person will often cause him/her to engage in negative and even evil actions. And this lack of Conscience has no influence upon this person's intelligence whatsoever. So the sociopath is often quite bright, and deviously clever. But lacking in CDKA&EU, the intelligence of such a person is dedicated to negativity. To not end the life of such a person after he or she commits murder is, or should be, a crime in itself. It will take lifetimes before such a Soul has accumulated the sufficient CDKA&EU to enable that Soul to resist the evil desires of the MIND.

So, now you know a great deal more than those who "think" they know quite a bit.